Johnny Brenda’s

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1201 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, P.A. 19125

21+ ONLY

Opening For Derrick Hodge

Attire: Jeans/Button Up

No Backline!!

Pay: Promo (no pay)

Production Schedule


Derrick Hodge:  5:00 pm

Vertical Current:  6:00 pm
Street Parking only.  We are located on the corner of Frankford and Girard Aves.  Load-in door is located approximately 50 feet from corner on the Frankford Ave. side of the building.  The load-in door is a single black door with a red star on it.  You can let staff know you’ve arrived.  We’ll get the door opened for you.  You can alert staff by entering front door of bar/restaurant which is located right at the corner.  

 Johnny Brenda’s does not provide loaders.  We can arrange for a loader to be available at load-in and load-out at a cost of $50 per band / $75 for Load and set-up.  Please make arrangements at least 72 hours prior to show. Also, Johnny Brenda’s does not provide any backline.

here is a municipal bus zone that is just outside the load-in door.  Because of that, there is usually available space.  However, because it is a municipal bus zone, we can’t reserve the spot.  It’s best to find a spot anywhere along Frankford Ave.  You can leave the bus there until the end of sound check.  However, it must be moved after that.

If you are interested, there is a municipally-owned parking lot called the Callowhill Bus Center located at 114Callowhill Street:  It’s about a 5 min. car ride to Johnny Brenda’s.
PLEASE NOTE – There are a set of steps which lead up to the venue.  Venue is located on second floor of building.


Derrick Hodge:  5:30 – 6:45 pm
Vertical Current:  7:00 – 7:45 pm

Derrick Hodge:  10:00 pm
Vertical Current:  9:00 pm (up to 40 mins.)
GREEN ROOM:  Located behind the stage.  Green room to be shared by all bands.  JBs has wifi.  Network and password provided upon arrival.  No smoking in any part of JBs.  We do not have any deals with local hotels.  I’ve found that OR is your best bet to find inexpensive hotel rates.  Also, “RoadAhead” is an amazing app for a host of things, including gas, lodging and food options.HOSPITALITY:  (Please consult final draft of contract.  The following is our ordinary hospitality package.  Only buyouts and any other additional hospitality items not on this list will be added to the expenses of the show.  We start the hospitality budget at zero and just add as we go.):

  • 3 drink tickets per band member (good for any of our fine selection of tapped beer that is brewed w/i 90 miles of venue, wine up to $6 and any call or well liquor.).
  • $10 cash buyouts for touring bands
  • Homemade Greek Platter
  • Bottled Water
  • Towels

GUEST LIST:  (21+ only)  We generally do 2 per band member up to 10 spots for headliner.  For openers/support bands, we generally allow one per band member unless you have over 5 folks in the band…at which point it will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Set list (Click link to listen)   


Trocodile (11-3-14)

Summertime (Video)

MFV- Live Version Album Version

Voice solo update

Alabaster- Live Version  Album Version

Bright Side Of Midnight- Live Version  Album Version



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