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Joy To The World (2018)

The Future Is Bright (2018)

“Overwhelmed with hope, overflowing with expectation and dreaming of what could be; the journey ahead as brilliant as the dawn breaking through the turbulent sea…”

After Midnight (2017)

“Speaking of uplifting, meet Vertical Current, a local gospel funk-jazz six piece. Their new After Midnight album was recorded live at Gradwell House Studio in New Jersey, and the band — trumpet and flugelhorn player Christopher Stevens; bassist Donald C. Stevens Jr.; keys player  Ali Prawl; guitarists Jordan Damiani; percussionist Walt Nash; and drummer Maurice D. Fonville filling in for Brandon Mullen — mix sentiments of praise with tear-the-roof-off energy. It reminds me of the time I saw The Holmes Brothers in the rain at Philadelphia Folk Fest; in both that set and this album, whatever your personal spiritual beliefs might be, it’s hard be unmoved.” -John Vettese, WXPN The Key

“As we approach the light, we begin to see things once obscured by the night.  As darkness fades, our hearts are filled with the newness of the day…”

Bright Side Of Midnight (2014)

“With creative and exciting features from ChartelLee MoEl’Ahmad Barak, and Rick Tate Jr., Vertical Current takes listeners on a diverse musical journey, from the smooth yet pulsating title track “Bright Side of Midnight” to the groovy, ‘De La Soul-esque’, rendition of “Summer Time” with Lee Mo.” -Mike Sanford, Heed Magazine (
“The concept is about not only outlasting the darkness, but also racing toward the light!”- Chris Stevens, Founder

“Bright Side Of Midnight is a body of work that is intended to express hope! On the surface it’s a blend of jazz standards with a twist and some really funky originals. However, the concept is not only about outlasting the darkness, but also racing toward the light! The difference between p.m. and a.m. can be as small as a second. Though you may not see it yet, your expectation is to see the sun arise out of the darkness. In the midnights of life, we have to maintain the hope of the sun. The bright side of midnight is that the new day has already begun.”

aRe (2011)

Vertical Current’s debut as a recording entity explores the thresholds of modern jazz in hopes of cultivating a fresh sound by combining elements of various styles and genres.